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My latest photos from Pixelfed

    A damp urban street reflecting the bright red lights of a construction warning light after a rainfall. The wet surface creates a mirror-like effect, with the red lights creating a stark contrast against the grey asphalt. Puddles are visible on the uneven road, and the light is diffused softly across the scene.Photo of a collapsed building behind a protective fence, illuminated in green and blue. The fence’s grid-like pattern is prominently displayed against the backdrop of the deteriorated structure.A reddish-brown fox lying comfortably in a forest setting, nestled against a rugged terrain with scattered leaves, moss, and fallen branches, gazing intently towards the camera.A black and white close-up of a Maine Coon cat.The wooden frame of a wooden roller coaster.Looking down a red bridge. A forest with a small lake is visible behind it.A stone wall and a red metal door. They are protected by neatly lined up plastic bottles filled with water.A busy crossing at night in Nishi-Azabu, Minato, Tokyo. Some people are walking or cycling across the zebra crossing. Lights installed on the green steel bridge illuminate the crossing.A nighttime street scene in an urban area. The image showcases various buildings, including a storefront with a sign reading "INCREASE HAIR." There's a bicycle parked near a shuttered store, and various street signs, including directional arrows, are visible. Overhead wires, street lights, and other urban elements add to the ambiance. There's also a balcony with hanging clothes, and the ground is lined with grates and a red mailbox. The atmosphere is quiet and serene.A deserted street in Suginami, Japan at night. It is strongly lit by street lamps. On the left side is a row of green fir trees. Behind and to the right of the path are rows of houses. Power lines running above the street connect the houses. The streetlights cause a strong lens flare.Photo of the grand finale of the fireworks festival in Oomagari, Daisen. It shows large firework flowers in the sky and red firework sparks shooting from the ground into the sky.A statue of Bowser (from the Super Mario Franchise) in Universal Studios JapanA leopard gecko sits behind a stone.A golden wheat field with green trees and meadow behind it. The sky above is dark due to an approaching thunderstorm.Smoke is illuminated by sunlight between the treetops.A wall on which various pictures and texts were built with adhesive tape. The wall is illuminated with black light, which makes the tape shine brightly.A view of a grass lawn with a building in the background. There are numerous people sitting on the grass, scattered in small groups.Two white swan statues in a puddle with reflections, surrounded by gravel and a concrete structure.